by Kye Alfred Hillig

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released April 8, 2012

All songs by Kye Alfred Hillig

Produced and mixed by James Resch at The Loft, Buckley, WA, December 2011-March 2012

Mastered by Levi Seitz at Black Belt Mastering, Seattle, WA.

Additional Musicians:
James Resch
Tracy Hagen

Cover Photo by Scott Haydon:
Art Design by Barry Blankenship:

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Kye Alfred Hillig Tacoma, Washington

Tacoma WA Singer-songwriter.

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Track Name: Which Way is West?
You thought that you could hide your love away
Up in the attic in some darkened place
But it’s your eyes, they tell the truth
They say the things that you don’t want them to

So it’s up to the hillside where you led me, dear
Promising you would leave me here
I see the gallows, but where’s the noose?
Somehow your heart got away from you

Scattering birds when we embrace
Out from the cage to some higher space
You can shoot them from Heaven for the wings they grew
But you can’t run away from what’s after you

Up through the garden like unwanted weeds
Against the odds, against decree
But I ain’t afraid when I hold your face
There’s a light so bright that I can’t turn away
Track Name: Spades
I would fall on the sword long before you ever saw the blade
More, I want more, more of you than I can take

And oh, what have I done to be the lucky one?
I’ve got you in spades

What is death? I have to ask after all you gave
Did I finally blow out enough candles on my birthday cake?

In this life, what is right?
And what did I do wrong?
Because my heart got torn different ways,
Dragged through days and yearned through years
Till you held me, dear
And kept me singing
Track Name: A Girl Like an Ostrich
Met her in a park on a Saturday night
Saturday in mid-October
October of the worst year of my life
Oh God, I hope that it’s over

And oh no, baby, don’t go!
Maybe you need time to get sober
And oh no, baby, don’t go!
Baby, don’t say that it’s over

Kissed on the couch that fell into the sea
The Sea that we used to swim in
We swam till the waves crashed onto the beach
And the vampires started singing

Bought a little house, two stories tall
Two children playing jacks on the pavement
You cried in the closet till I broke through the wall
Then everybody knew you were leaving

Packed up your bags and you moved on out
Moved out to find a brand new flavor
The flavor of drugs and sex and pain
And now you act as if we’re total strangers
Track Name: Perhaps The Reason is This...
The final church bell now has rung
Another man stands in his place
A million whores lie in his bed
But his heart’s been out of state

And Heaven only knows why he dressed in chains
Walked over coals and laid down in flames
Maybe, Darling, it’s so you’d remember his name...

Cause a voice was crying out
Something so depraved
What’s long kept you from your rest?
Who told you to behave?

Cause there’s a man inside your shoes
And you’re leaving him behind
To moan out the lonesome blues
And flounder in the night
Track Name: Different Roads
Can I call you dear?
Just close your eyes
And I’ll take you away to a better life
Down to the stream
Try not to fall
I could have caught you, goddammit all!

Don’t get out of the car
Don’t walk out of my life
Don’t close the tomb, Darling, I need the light
It’s these different roads
They’ll eat you alive
Sweet lord! I want you!
Do you want me by your side?

Your fragile face
In my broken hands
Forgive these words; they broke free and ran
Let’s pitch a tent
Stay for a year
What is this thing that draws us nearer?
Track Name: A Cloaked Figure on the Dawn
You’ve got those lonesome hands on me
And we both know what it means
Like some godless hunter’s call
You fix a meal/ I touch your breasts
We wonder how much time is left
But life won’t let me stay

“But how long till the heart is free?”
You ask this piece of meat
Please clear the fog; I want to see that which calls to me
Like a cloaked figure on the dawn

We’re dancing young under Christmas lights
The gentle warmth of an evening wine
A woman’s loving flesh
They’ve got the law on their side
But it don’t make a better life
No, God blessed the wolf instead
Track Name: The Great Translator
Bless the ocean
Bless the day
Bless these weary hearts so broken
They came up empty
Bottles and chains
Someone told them they’re good for nothing

From the alley to the door
All the stray cats, they come for Darling
From the perch high on greedy claims
They watch the hopeless make sad religion

I think we need a great translator
To close the captions off/to bring those dead boats in

Come the answer
Come the time
Will there always be those with nothing?
Reaching hands towards a loveless sky
To a God who don’t speak they’re language
Track Name: Trapdoor
Could have had a twin/ seven pounds of life
Could have been born all bent and broken and quickly died
Could have drove the car they’re lifting from the lake
But when I got drunk I thought I’d walk the rest of the way

You could of had it all
You almost had it all
But sometimes the trapdoor opens and we just fall
You could have made it out, but no one makes it through
So do I look like the luckier man to you?

Could have lost my mind instead of other kids
Could have been sleeping every freezing night under the bridge
They could have shot me up for trying to get by
When I lost my job and I was down and couldn’t get a ride

I could have had it all
We almost had it all
But sometimes the trapdoor opens and we just fall
We could have made it out, but no one makes it through
So do I look like the luckier man to you?
Track Name: William Anderson Dean Wishes for Death and it is Granted
William Anderson Dean makes a plea for vacation
But gets spoiled meat
Eat with your fork, Mr. Dean
William Anderson Dean jumps out through the window
Brains all on the street
Much to his waiting relief

He sings,
“Do you really like me?
Yes, I believe you love me
Who took the fire and gave me Dentyne?
Hey, a tiny tiger looks good over your daughter
But that don’t make it good to leave them in peace”

William Anderson Dean: A western tuxedo
With no limousine
To drive his mother to drink
William Anderson Dean, his back country sister
Money for missing teeth
Pours a glass of milk down the sink

And sings,
“Do you really like me?
Yes, I believe you love me
Who took the fire and gave me Dentyne
Hey, a tiny tiger looks good over your daughter
But that don’t make it good to leave them in peace”
Track Name: Ryan St. Housing
I’m coming downstairs
You better let me in
Unfold those black wings you’ve been hiding in
Bring me that softer light
And kissing goodnight, pull me in

The creaking floor boards
Oh, how the water moans
I keep on calling you,
“Oh, Darling, please come home!”
But if it’s a ghost that you want I’ve got some sheets to cut hauntingly

Shed that dress, dear
Shed that dragging day
I ain’t your jailer
This ain’t your father’s wake
And who told you love is a crime?
I hope you spat in their eye
Run to me

Through kitchen windows we watch the winter fall
Let down your hair, girl
Let those tigers paw
And if you stay the night I’ll give you the fuck of your life,
Shoes and all

To bearclaw bathtubs where lovers drained in cold
And when they found them there was nothing but bones
And if you must capitalize on the love in our eyes, blind me please

Cause in rolls the reaper, slowly undressing thin
He wants our lantern
He wants out wolfish grin
But I want a horse with no reins
I want a love you can’t sell, holding true
Track Name: God Bless, Goodnight
Will there be a day when I am satisfied?
When all these things gone wrong start seeming right?
And will there be a day when the life I left behind don’t come across my mind in weeping waves?

And oh lord how I tried
To make peace with what’s becoming of my life
Some words that went unsaid could put this infantry to bed
And could make the next streetwalking whore my wife
God bless, goodnight

Is there anyone who hears me talking in my sleep?
Who sees me walking in a dream just like the dead?
Cause when that big alarm starts ringing down the hall, I don’t ask anyone at all, I just hit the deck